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LIBERTEA (Herbal Tea)

room temprature
Self Life
2 years
Place of Origin
Pu'er tea (China), Duchu leaf, Jasmine tea, Rose flower, Tangerine peel, Fermented rice bran (dextrin, fermented rice bran), Ginger, Fennel, Rose hips, Kumist cutin, Rock salt, Rooibos, Melilot extract powder (melilot extract, maltodextrin), Safflower, Rape bean, Black sesame, Sweet tea, Reedica, Kumazasa, Guava leaf, Hibiscus, Dandelion root, Chili pepper, Hawthorn, Shishui, Onion rind, Yerba mate, Quince, Cinnamon, Black soybean, Mugwort, Dokuyami , Ginseng, Mulberry leaf
Foods with Functional Claims (Japan)
sales country
overseas (except Japan)

For women who get cold easily,

we have added warming support tea leaves

(ginger, tangerine peel, chili pepper, cinnamon,

black pepper, etc.).

It is also recommended for those

who feel that the fat in their hands,

legs, and thighs is cold.

A blend of tea leaves with

high antioxidant power,

including hydrogen-containing Himalayan salt,

onion rind, mugwort, and Houtodyami.

30 minutes after drinking, the antioxidant power

in the blood increases by 1.6 to 2 times!

For those who are concerned about fat,

Pu’er, Du Zhong tea, and fennel

will support your diet while losing weight.