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We deal businesses with courteous and speedy approach,
striving our contribution broadly to society.




As a general trading company, we support overseas sales and purchase of products starting from even small lots.

Our company was founded in 1970 as a commutator (motor parts) manufacturer.
After that, our business changed to a trading company dealing with parts and components needed for electrical products, and currently operates as a general trading company handling products in a wide range of fields, including electrical products, parts, general miscellaneous goods, foodstuffs, beauty products, etc.
In order to satisfy our customers and suppliers, we strive to develop our business in a courteous and speedy manner, contributing broadly to society.


5 promises from us

We provide the value through "trustworthy actions"

Active and flexible footwork
Handle wide range of products
Support small lot orders that are optimal for market trends
Our dedicated staff will respond quickly
We will respond within 1.5 to 24 hours.

We respond quickly to requests from customers with active and light footwork,
handling wide range of products.


Sell to the world! Alibaba Japan Global B2B Business

We sell products overseas without any sales agency fees or listing fees.
Our specialized staff will consult with customers who are considering selling their products overseas by studying sales targets and overseas demand, and provide consulting services for overseas sales of the products.
In addition, we accept the inquiry for our products from overseas buyers.

About our handling products

We are expanding our supply for overseas sales by handling wide range of products. We purchase products from our business partners to undertake intermediary services selling products to overseas buyers.

*We also suggest various ways for those who want to build overseas sales channels.

Tableware, miscellaneous goods, etc.
Beauty, cosmetics, etc.
Health foods etc.
tea etc.
Incense etc.
Tableware, miscellaneous goods, etc.
Beauty, cosmetics, etc.
Health foods etc.
tea etc.
Incense etc.

Motor parts trading

Our company was founded as a manufacturing commutator (motor parts). Currently, we are a trading company handling products such as commutators, insulation materials, electronic components, etc.

Commutator (small to extra large size)
Copper wire, Aluminum wire, Aluminum clad wire (compatible with each wire type and wire diameter)
Aluminum processed products, Casted metal processed products
Various lead wires (compatible with each wire type and wire diameter)
Terminal, Housing
Thermal protector, Thermal fuse
Insulating tape (various grades)
Insulating film (various grades, slit processing available)
Insulating tube (various grades)

Overseas sales of electrical appliances

We sell bathroom dryers and dehumidifiers to Hong Kong and Macau under the "KUSATSU" brand.

Sales of “Kusatsu Brand” electrical appliances to Hong Kong

Company Profile

Company Name
Japan Commutator Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: J C C)
Establishment Date
June 11, 1970
54 million yen
Toyoo Takada
2-3-38 Higashikusatsu, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, 525-0033
Number of employees
Business Operations
Import and export of electrical parts and insulation material
Export of electrical products (bathroom dryers, dehumidifiers)
Import and export of miscellaneous goods, food, etc.
Motor assembly and inspection contract
Real estate rental

2-3-38 Higashikusatsu, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, 525-0033
Phone 077-563-3641 (from overseas: +81-77-563-3641)
FAX 077-563-0783

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