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Gold Leaf Crafts

Gold Leaf/ Lacquering
Place of Production
Japan (Kanazawa City in ISHIKAWA)
sales Country
Overseas(Except Japan)
Kanazawa gold leaf is being used 
in a wide variety of fields, 
from handicrafts, to buildings 
that decorate spaces, 
to edible toppings for sweets, 
and more. 
Originally, Kanazawa gold leaf was used for 
the construction of temples and shrines 
such as Kinkaku-ji, and for decorations 
for New Year's dishes. 
While building on this tradition, 
we have evolved it with new techniques, 
allowing the elegance of Kanazawa gold leaf 
to be used in many situations. 
Kanazawa gold leaf has the power to 
transform products, spaces, food, etc. 
into something special 
that people will remember.