【SIAL Shanghai 2024 Exhibition Report】

JCC participated in SIAL Shanghai 2024 and achieved significant results. The exhibition attracted over 200,000 visitors, and our booth saw a large number of attendees.

Exhibited Products

  • Aojiru (Green Juice)
  • Matcha
  • Liqueur
  • Sake

Achievements at the Exhibition

Aojiru and liqueur, in particular, gained significant popularity, leading to inquiries from major cross-border e-commerce operators and large hotel chains. We exchanged contact information with more than 60 companies, opening up new business opportunities.

Significance of Participation

The exhibition provided a valuable opportunity to directly gauge customer reactions, making it a highly meaningful experience. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the manufacturers, JETRO, SKT, and our headquarters for their cooperation and support.

JCC will continue to strive for further growth and development. Please look forward to our future activities.

Words of Thanks

The success of this exhibition was made possible by the support and cooperation of many individuals. We sincerely appreciate your assistance.

Thank you for your continued support of JCC.

Sincerely, The JCC Team